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Dance Workshop Policies

 All participants must have a signed Policies & Release form on file at the Dance Workshop before participating in our programs.

As of June 15, 2020, all participants must have signed/agreed to adhere to our Covid-19 Policies. Please note that the Covid-19 Policy page explains how to return your agreement to the Dance Workshop.


  1. You must be 18 years, or older, to sign this form.

  2. Advance payment is required for all classes.

  3. There will be a 10% late fee applied to all outstanding tuition after the first week of each session.

  4. We reserve the right to cancel classes.

  5. There will be no refunds/credits except for classes that we cancel.

  6. Credit due to injury/illness may be granted with a Dr.’s note, beginning from the date we receive notification.

  7. Credit must be used within two years from the day it is granted.

  8. Students must sign in at the desk before each class.

  9. Students must be on time. Students up to 10 minutes late get one warning. The next time they will not be permitted into class, and may do a make up for the missed class within the same session. No one may enter class after 10 minutes past the start of class. Once the warm-up has been missed the risk of injury increases.

  10. EXCEPTION: Intro to Dance (3+) students may not enter once the class has begun as it is too disruptive.

  11. Make-ups must be taken within the same session in which the absence occurred. You must tell the office staff the date and class that you missed or will miss at the time you take the make-up.

  12. Dance cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. They do not expire BUT they are non-replaceable. Think of them as cash. Once you lose it… it’s gone.

  13. Currently enrolled students must register during pre-registration week in order to hold a space for the next session.

  14. Currently enrolled students must register during pre-registration week in order to hold a space for the next session.

  15. Classes may not be disturbed.

  16. No cameras / video cameras / cell phone recordings are allowed without the prior consent of the instructors.

  17. Children in the lobby must be supervised. No tapping on the glass is permitted. Children with art supplies / messy foods must be closely monitored by a supervising adult.

  18. Children must be supervised outdoors. Please respect the landscaping. No digging in the courtyard!

  19. Dogs must be on leashes.

  20. No one is allowed behind the desk except staff.

  21. The Dance Workshop is not responsible for personal belongings.

  22. Each student / parent is responsible for understanding and adhering to the Dance Workshop dress code.

  23. Please, no dancing/hooping in the lobby. It is distracting to the students and could lead to injury to you or others.

  24. Office staff are responsible for giving information regarding, and enforcing, the policies of the Dance Workshop. We expect that students and parents comply with office staff requests.

  25. From time to time photos and/or video may be taken, for the purpose of creating promotional material for use at the Dance Workshop and on social media.  You will need to  check the box to opt out of having your photo/video used.

  26. In the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy, all participants must adhere to our Covid-19 protocols.





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