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Class Costs


TUITION IS NON-TRANSFERABLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE. We accept cash, check, and Paypal payments.

Because we understand that summer is a time for vacation travel for many, we've divided the eight weeks into two, 4-week, sessions. Please note that, to make it a bit easier for everyone, dancers may take make-ups for missed classes in either session. For example if you are signed up for Summer II which runs from July 10 - August 5, but you know that you'll miss one week of classes, you can do a make-up, in advance, during Summer I which runs from June 12 - July 8. The same goes for any classes missed during Session I. Make-ups may be taken during Session II. Just let the office know in advance please!


There will be no classes held on the 4th of July.

Class Costs: For a 4 Week Session:

45 Minute & 60 Minute                                  Classes: 75 & 90 Minute Classes:

Single class rate:        $ 16.00                                Single class rate:     $  17.00

1 class per week:     $    56.00                             1 class per week:     $   60.00

2 classes per week: $ 110.00                               2 classes per week: $ 118.00

3 classes per week: $ 162.00                               3 classes per week: $ 174.00

4 classes per week: $ 212.00                               4 classes per week: $ 228.00

5 classes per week: $ 260.00                               5 classes per week: $ 280.00

6 classes per week: $ 306.00                               6 classes per week: $ 330.00

Dance Cards: Available for teens and adults only. They must be brought to class with you every time you take class. If you don’t bring it with you, you will need to do a paid single. Note: Dance cards are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-replaceable. They may be used for any class regularly scheduled by the workshop with the exception of Pointe Class, which may not be done on a drop in basis. Because dance cards don’t expire, make sure not to lose them! It would be like losing cash – when it’s lost, it’s lost.

4/$62         8/$122          12/$180         16/$236           20/$290         24/$342

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