Class Costs

ALL CLASSES MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE:  There is a 10% late fee charged to any outstanding tuition after the first week of classes of any session.  Please remember that we do not bill.  It is the responsibility of our students/parents to inform themselves of session beginning and ending dates.  Also, the multi-class discounts are applied at the time of registration. Later registrations do not apply.

Please note that students must register a minimum of three hours before the class begins.

As of October 1, we are able to hold on-site classes at 10% capacity, which means a limit of 16 people on-site with individual classes sizes limited to a maximum of 6. In addition we are still zooming classes as well. Please call us at 530-756-3949 for information on how to register for class and to save your space for an on-site class.

If you are a returning student from Spring I Session, please check with the office regarding any class credits that you may have.





 Tuition Class Costs For Our Seven Week Fall II Session:


45 Minute & 60 Minute Classes:                                         

Single class rate:            $15.00                                

1 class per week:          $ 87.50                              

2 classes per week:      $171.50                         

3 classes per week:      $252.00                         

4 classes per week:      $329.00                         

5 classes per week:      $402.50                                 

6 classes per week:      $472.50                        

7 classes per week:      $539.00                            


75 & 90 Minute Classes:      

Single class rate:            $ 16.00

1 class per week:           $ 94.50

2 classes per week:       $185.50

3 classes per week:       $273.00

4 classes per week:       $357.00   

5 classes per week:       $437.50

6 classes per week:       $514.50

7 classes per week:       $588.00



Dance Cards: Available for teens and adults only.  They must be brought to the Dance Workshop with you every time you take class. If you don’t bring it with you, you will need to do a paid single. IMPORTANT: Dance cards may not be used to pay for on line classes... but since they never expire, they will be good again, as soon as we return to on site classes.

Note: Dance cards are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-replaceable. They may be used for any class regularly scheduled by the workshop with the exception of Pointe Class, which may not be done on a drop-in basis. Because dance cards don’t expire, make sure not to lose them!  It would be like losing cash – when it’s lost, it’s lost.


Dance cards come in different sizes:  4/$55       8/$108      12/$159     16/$208       20/$255     24/$300



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