Holiday Camps for ages 6 - 12

We are currently planning  camps for Thanksgiving Week and
the weeks of December 19 - 23 and December 26 - 30
As we shape our plans, for what days the camps will run, we would love to know your preferences! Contact us at

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Next year (Summer 2023) our summer camps will run Monday - Friday, from 8:30 – 3:30 pm, for school-age children 6 – 12, From June 12 - July 28. That schedule will be out in February of 2023.

The camps are over for this summer but, if you'd like to see what the last week of camp (Let's Put On A Show!) did, just click on the link to see their performance. While all of the camps end with a performance or showing of work, Let's Put On A Show focuses on teaching campers how they might produce a concert.

Let's Put On A Show!


Our next day camp will take place during the Thanksgiving Week break and we will run a two or three day camp that week on Monday & Tuesday. We also expect to run  camps during the winter break and will have more details as we get closer to those dates. We like to try and shape the camps based on parent needs so if you have preferences for the number of days a camp might run, please let us know.

 Campers will spend the day with activities in dance, visual arts, storytelling, and more. While there will be a focus on organized activities for the group, children are also free to bring a book if they would prefer an alternative to some activities.

As of September, we are still masking indoors although we expect to make some changes to our Covid policies as the year progresses. If we are wearing masks in November, they will come off during lunchtime and at snack time while listening to stories read aloud  by Pamela. (We're being thoughtful about not talking while masks are off!)


Campers must be registered by the Thursday of the preceding week in order to participate. Please note that camp enrollment is limited to 12 campers per week and that camp may be canceled if we do not have a minimum of 6 campers enrolled. For more information, or to register, please email us at or call us at 530-756-3949.

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Additional Covid-19 Safety Protocols for our Summer Camp Participants

In addition to the Covid-19 policies that we are using for all of our classes (some of which are listed below just to make sure that everyone is aware of them), we will also be doing:

1) Instead of our usual enrollment that might include up to 20 campers, we are limiting enrollment to a maximum of 12 participants per class. That will allow us to maintain appropriate distances at all times. Temperature checks will happen at the door, every day. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will need to go home.


2) Masks will be required at all times, with the exception of drinking water (which campers must bring from home...each should have their own water bottle)


3) All of our regular class procedures will be in place during the structured class activities, including masks, physical distancing, out door hand washing station, use of hand sanitizer, and no peanut products for lunch or snacks, etc.


4) Each participant will get a personal basket for the week, that will hold their art supplies and will not be shared with other students as we would usually do. Their personal folders, (Campers get to design a folder with their name on it where they keep all of their drawings for the week)  At the end of the week, staff will wipe down all of the baskets, markers, crayons, etc. with disinfecting wipes and they will be left out to dry over the weekend. Staff will hand out drawing paper individually.


5) Some afternoons, weather permitting, may include some outdoor activities.


6) Campers will be required to bring their own water bottles as we will not be allowing anyone to use the water fountains at the studio. (We will be suggesting a minimum of 1-2, depending on size, for the afternoon)


7) For students who like to read, we encourage the bringing of books from home as we are not currently putting books out for students to share.

8) Each camper should bring a bag or backpack that can hold all of their personal items.

9) All campers/parents of camper must have signed the Covid-19 agreement regarding compliance with our safety protocols.