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News Updates

Happy April! We are now in our Spring I Session of classes, which will end on Saturday, April 22.

New dancers may begin at any time, as long as there is room in the class in which you are interested.

Here is our Spring I Schedule of classes. You might note some changes to our schedule. We've added another Second Wind class on Wednesday mornings from 9 - 10 am. This class is free for adults 65 and older and funded through the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre as part of their Dance as Wellness community programming. 

What's Next?

Registration for our currently enrolled students for Spring II Classes begins on Monday, April 3rd. Open registration will begin on Monday, April 10. See our Spring II Schedule of classes.

Screenwriting & Acting Classes return to the Dance Workshop in April 2023.

Award-winning screenwriter Sterling Anderson returns with Lamondo Hill to offer not only beginning and advanced on-camera acting classes for television and film, but Sterling will be opening up a class in screenwriting! Go to our Classes page and scroll down for class descriptions and costs.


Summer Camp Schedules are now out!

We began taking registration for our Summer Camps on Monday, March 6. Just click on the Camps tab above to find out more!

Safety protocol updates:

Beginning Monday, April 3rd, we will move to masks recommended but not required, for most of our classes. The exceptions for this will be the Second Wind classes for adults 65 and older and the Dance for Parkinson's classes which will remain masked for the near future, as both of these groups are "high-risk" groups.


However, we will have a zero-tolerance policy for colds, coughs, and sniffles for everyone on site.

Importantly, if you or your child has a cold or other illness, it is important that you still stay home. Remember the old days, before the pandemic? We still asked people to stay home if they were sick. It might be just a "little cold" for your child but no one else wants it. What is the saying? Germs are the one thing we don't want to share.

If you have allergies you should bring a doctor's note stating you have allergies and continue to wear a mask as you can't be sure if it's just allergies or it's allergies and you're beginning to come down with something.

Thank you for helping us keep ALL of our dancers healthy!


Please remember that it is important that you have saved space by confirming with the office if you are planning to take a class at the studio. If you are a registered tuition student, we are already saving a place for you so you don't need to call in every week. If you are using a dance card or want to do a paid single, then calling the office at 530-756-3949 is the easiest way to make sure there's a space for you in class! Students who are new to us should give the office at least 3 hours notice before coming to the studio.

Our Office hours are:

Monday - Thursday, 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We also have morning hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 9:00 am-Noon.

The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre would like to remind our community that we offer free classes for people with Parkinson's Disease through our  Dance For Parkinson's program.

For information, on the Dance for Parkinson's classes including times and how to register, please get in touch with Robin Carlson at

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