Taking It To the Streets...
Dance in
Public Places
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Friday, February 10...Downtown Davis with L-O-V-E!
Looking for the video of the Whole Earth Flash Mob?
Just scroll down to the bottom and you'll find it PLUS the video of the Friday the 13th Flash Mob
that we did for Second Friday, 5/13/2011.
Did you ever think it would be wonderful if people just     
burst into dance in the middle of everyday life?
Well, we think it would be!

Funded jointly through an Arts Contract from the City of Davis' Arts Contract
and the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop, we're offering two free  
Come and dance with us, in a program called "Taking It to The classes a
week for the Davis Community! Come to a single class, or come to every class,
move with others in the studio, move with others in public places.  It's all about
building community, making connections, creating art in public places, and
mostly...Having a great time with movement!

This fall the Thursday evening class will run from 6:30 - 7:30pm. This class
will teach choreography that can be performed in public for whoever is interested,
whenever it fits their schedules. The Thursday class  is primarily focused on
teaching choreography with some improvisation structure. It's easy and fun, so
come dance with us and bring your friends and family!!!

The Saturday classes are one hour long and are held from 12:15- 1:15. The
Saturday classes focus on learning Improvisational techniques for public
performance, but sometimes also includes review of choreography, if we're getting
ready for a public dance/flash. Improv is great movement fun, great for the mind,
and great for building "quick thinking skills" that can be used in everyday life.

Both classes will run for a year. This program began on Thursday, March 3,
2011. Different choreography, or new twists on previously learned choreography,
have, and will be, taught for different occasions over the year. To date (8/3/11)
we've "Flashed" at Pig Day, three different Second Fridays, ( April 8th & May 13th,
July 8) at three different sites, at the E Street Plaza and Border's Commons on
April 30th in honor of National Dance Week, and Sunday, May 8, at the Whole
Earth Festival to a live Klemzer band, Kugelplex. We also did two sites downtown
on July 30, National Dance Day, and we've also hit the patio area between CVS
and Nugget Market in addition to The Davis Food Co-op, among others! And
there's so much more to come!

Do you have to make a commitment of any kind? No registration or payment
is necessary to take the class. All students need to sign a release form, and
participants younger than 18 need a parent or guardian to sign for them. The
release form is our standard form and can be downloaded from our website. Go to
the "Classes" page and on the right hand side there's a list of things under "Be
On Your Toes." The release form is the third listing down. Other than that,
participants are invited to come as often as they like and show up to dance in
public, whenever they feel like it. We'll also collect an email address for those of
you who want to be notified, via email, whenever there will be a FLASH MOB.

Who can take these classes? What age group is this for? Everyone from
"older" 7 year-olds to senior citizens are invited to participate.
Taking It To the
is about coming together as a community, and creating something special
together. And what about younger children? Well, after we've done this awhile, the
plan is to have a couple special ones for younger children with a parent included.
In the meantime, no previous dance experience is necessary for either class.
Bring your family, bring a friend! If you have additional questions, please call
Pamela at 756-3949 or email her at ptdtdw@aol.com, otherwise...Come and
Whole Earth Flash Mob Sunday, May 8, 2011.   Videography by Patrick Fitzgibbons
Friday the 13th Flash Mob Video by Patrick Fitzgibbons. 5/13/2011
Dance Flash Mob at the March 5th
Pig Day Celebration at the Davis
Farmers' Market! Photo by Mark
Dancers from The Third Stage
Street Plaza on October 29th,
for the downtown Halloween
photo by Alex Mandel