Dance Workshop
Summer Repertory

    The 2015 Summer Repertory Concert          
will  be held:
Friday, August 7 &
Saturday, A
ugust 8
TDW Studio Theater
Performing Arts
The Dance Workshop produces and
presents multiple performances
throughout the season.
As the home of the PT Dance
Theatre, there are two full company
concerts, the Davis Dance Project,
which is a collaborative project
between the Dance Theatre and
Guests, an Annual Student Concert,
and, often, a S
ummer Repertory
. Dance workshop students
may also get involved in
performances at Open House events,
as well as dance flashes, part of our
Dance in Public Places program.
mmer Rep Concert
is open to dancers who are
participating in the Dance
Composition class, the Dance
Improvisation class, and the two week
dance intensive.
The Pamela Trokanski
Dance Theatre,
The Third Stage
To find out more about our three
resident companies, go their web
site at
2015 Student Concert Information

Thanks to all of our wonderful parents /
families who made this year's concert one of
the best ever!
...Movement that Matters
Dance Workshop...
Student Concert Rehearsal 2013, Breathing,
photo by Michele Tobias