Dance Workshop
Annual Student Concert

The 29th Annual Student Concert will  be
Friday, May 30 &
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Performing Arts
The Dance Workshop produces and
presents multiple performances
throughout the season.
As the home of the PT Dance
Theatre, there are two full company
concerts, the Davis Dance Project,
which is a collaborative project
between the Dance Theatre and
Guests, an Annual Student Concert,
and, often, a summer concert event.
Dance workshop students may also
get involved in performances at Open
House events, as well as dance
flashes, part of our Dance in Public
Places program.
Performance Opportunities
Be Part of a Dance Video! This
class is all about making a dance
video for the web. Participants get
a DVD copy of the final product!
Thriller Dance Flash: Halloween!
2013 -2014
Saturday, September 8
Auditions for the Pamela
Apprentice Company of the
PTDT, and The Third Stage, a
multi-generational, contemporary
will be held on Saturday,
September 8. Because the
companies all work together,
Pamela auditions all dancers
together to see best placements
for incoming members.

Dancers make a full season
commitment to the performance
companies, from September to
June.  In addition to the traditional
theatre performances, the
companies also perform at
various community events.
2014 Student Concert Information

Important things to know:
If you are participating in the recital, all of the
rehearsals and performances, during recital
week, will be at the Vets' Memorial. Don't miss
any of your rehearsals! Your ability to participate
depends on your being at all rehearsals.

Also, please remember - no photography,
videography, or recording of any kind is
permitted during the shows or backstage. And
please... let visiting family members and friends
know about the appropriate etiquette!

If you are not participating in the recital, please
remember that the studio will be closed during
student concert week... since most of us will be
at the Vets'.
...Movement that Matters
Dance Workshop...
Student Concert Rehearsal 2013, Breathing,
photo by Michele Tobias