Moving Words: the Duet of Writing and Dance
“Combining writing and dance is enthralling for our daughter. She couldn’t wait for Friday to show us
what she had created with you. Thank you!” –
John Hunt
What is this class all about?

Moving Words: the Duet of Writing and Dance, is an innovative program that focuses on how
specifically designed movement games and dance activities, integrated with the visual arts, enrich
reading, creative writing skills, and understanding science themes.  Created by dancers Cindy
Robinson and Pamela Trokanski as part of the KORE Curriculum program, it is an educational program
run through the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre and hosted by the Dance Workshop.

Is your child a budding author, exploring ideas through the language of poetry, song, and prose? This
is an excellent class for students who love reading, writing, and movement, with its rich integration of
multi-sensory experience.
Who teaches this class?

While the class is team taught by both Cindy and Pamela during the summer camps, the weekly school
year class is taught by Cindy Robinson who is active in both the academic classroom and the
dance studio.

Cindy Robinson has been working with children, families, and educators since 1987. She began her
career as an Outreach Consultant with the Marysville Joint Unified School District, working with at-risk
youth and families. In 1990, Cindy earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Language
Development Specialist Certificate. Cindy has taught pre-school through second grade and currently
teaches Kindergarden in the Washington Unified School District. Cindy has extensive experience
supporting teachers in their acquisition of skills. She was a Mentor Teacher (1993-97), Spencer Kagen
Cooperative Learning presenter (1995-96) and is an Area 3 Writing Project (A3WP)Teacher Consultant
(2007). Cindy is the lead creator of a writing curriculum (First Grade Writing Toolkit) developed by
teachers and adopted by the Washington Unified School District (2010-2012), and in 2010, was
selected Elementary Teacher of the Year in her school district. She has been dancing at the Pamela
Trokanski Dance Workshop since 2000 and currently dances with The Third Stage, a
multi-generational, contemporary company, with dancers ranging in age from 8 - 80+.
One on One Discussions
Rhythms, Tempo and Rhymes
Illustration and Writing
What Parents and Campers Told Us

“Sara and Lia enjoyed camp very much. We like their poems.” – Karen & Mauricio Vargas

“AnnaMarie loved each day ~ each day she jumped in my arms telling me her day was fantastic. Each
instructor has shown such direct attention to her ~ it has been fun to see her enjoy herself so much!
Xoxoxo” –
Jennifer Maloney

“Sarah has had a great week. She has enjoyed every part of the experience. I love how the class
connects movement to art and writing. What a way to learn and spark creativity!” –
Karen Fingerman

“I LOVED IT” “We didn’t just dance…we MOVED!” “I got to be anything I wanted to be!” – Maddie Moffitt
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