Welcome to the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop

Celebrating 31 years of Dance in Davis!
Fall Session begins Monday, August 24

“The journey between who you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance
of life really takes place.”
- Barbara De Angelis

"Take your passion, Make it happen" -Lyrics, Flash Dance, What a Feeling

At the Dance Workshop, we believe in quality training, regardless of the dancer's age or ultimate goal. To
this end, our faculty is comprised of teachers who possess a wealth of professional experience in teaching,
performance and choreography. We also believe in a "multi-lingual " approach to training, and to this end,
you will find classes in Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance Team, Earth Rhythms, HIp Hop,
Irish Step, Belly Dance,  and more.

We believe in dance as an integral part of life, and invite you to share this with us.
Why Dance?

This season (2014 - 2015) we've been celebrating our 30th year of Dance! And now we're
preparing for both the upcoming fall and the next 30 years!
The Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop is located at 2720 Del Rio Place, in Davis California.
Our office staff are articulate and knowledgeable about our faculty members, the world of dance, and the
wide range of classes that we offer...Our facility has three studios, all with "sprung wood" dance floors,
changing rooms, bathrooms, a lobby with large windows and glass doors, for easy viewing into all of the
and an In-House Theater with tiered seating, In addition, there is plenty of parking and a beautiful
outdoor courtyard.
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Movement that Matters...
Dance Workshop & Performing Arts Center
This year we had some great summer day programs
for children ages 6 -12! This fall, Moving Words joins
the list of classes that we offer weekly!

“Sarah has had a great week. She has enjoyed every
part of the experience. I love how the class connects
movement to art and writing. What a way to learn and
spark creativity!” – Karen Fingerman

“I LOVED IT” “We didn’t just dance…we MOVED!” “I got
to be anything I wanted to be!” – Maddie (Camper)

History of this class: In 2013, the Dance Theatre began
both a series of Dance Camps for school age children,
exploring multiple dance forms,
as well as our KORE
program... Academic enrichment through  the arts with
a special focus on integrating dance, visual arts, and
the rhythms of writing songs and poetry! In this picture
you can see students working with tempos, which
evolved into the rhythms of iambic pentameter!
Summer Dance Camps for children ages 6 - 12. (8:30am - 3:30pm)
Different weeks have different themes ranging from experiences in
multiple styles of dance, to a week of creating self portraits through  
movement, art, and written work.
This summer, we be offered two different week long summer camps
in Moving Words: The Duet of Writing & Dance in Writing, Art &
Dance. Taught by Cindy Robinson and Pamela Trokanski, both of
whom hold current California Teacher's Credentials, these camps are
excellent experiences in integrating writing, reading, and science
themes with the arts and movement., and is a wonderful way to build
on your child's school year academic experience.
From experiences in Jazz, Dance for Musical Theatre, Hip Hop
and more, participants also collaborate and do creative
problem solving!